7 Foods to Detoxify Your Liver

October 16th, 2012

Within every person’s body is an organ that carries a huge worlkload known as the liver. Abundant research shows that it takes care of more functions than any another organ in your body. Purifying the liver of gallstones significantly heps digestion. People should start to notice that their allergies fade away with each cleanse you complete! Miraculously, it also gets rid of upper arm, shoulder and upper back pain.

1. Garlic Only a smigdet of this herb has the power to stimulate liver enzymes that helps your physique rid itself of to read more

Zeolite – odour fighting properties

August 27th, 2012

Odour control has been a quest for many scientists. Whether it is in the cosmetics arena, refrigeration or even industrial applications, the need to control odours is important. In recent times, one mineral that has come to the fore to help mankind fight bad smells is zeolite. This is a volcanic rock or mineral that is formed primarily due to volcanic activity. There are around 50 known types of zeolites and among its many properties, its adsorption power is the one that is instrumental in controlling odours. The to read more